For on-premises installation, we recommend using either OpenShift or Kubernetes. Both allow deploying Docker containers and provide failover and scalability. Deployment on a OpenShift/Kubernetes cluster is carried out by installing the Optimization Server Helm charts described in Sub-section 1.

To deploy Optimization Server locally (on a developer laptop, for example), we recommand using docker-compose. A template docker-compose.yml file is provided and the steps to follow are described in Sub-section 2.

Let us note that the docker registry on which Optimization Server docker images are available is not the one used in the following sections. To deploy Optimization Server on-premises, please ask for an account on our docker registry.

The Optimization Server uses Keycloak as authentication system. You can’t use the application without this authentication system. It’s part of the dbos-infra chart for OpenShift/Kubernetes and you will find a configuration for docker-compose deployments.