Job list

The job list view shows all the jobs whatever their state is, displayed as a graph and a data grid.

Jobs execution graph

The graph shows information about the job executions : the number of created and completed jobs as bar charts and the average waiting and running time.

Each chart can be hidden by clicking the corresponding label. The user can zoom the graph by selecting an area inside the graph itself.

Job list

The job list is represented as a data grid and displays textual information about job execution.

Some pieces of information about jobs are displayed by default, like task ID, creation time and execution status. Different columns can be shown by clicking of the “column icon” on the bottom left of the data grid. The datagrid columns can be sorted by clicking on the column label and filtered with this icon : . Values are paginated if many entries are present within the data grid. The pagination buttons are on the bottom right of the grid. To access the job detail page, the user can click on the “details” button on the right of a job row.

Possible execution statuses for a job are:

  • SUBMITTED : The job has successfully been created.
  • SCHEDULED : The job is waiting for an available worker among those able to execute it.
  • RUNNING : The job is currently running on a worker.
  • ABORTED : The job has been stopped and the output has been saved.
  • COMPLETED : The job is successfully completed.
  • REJECTED : The job has been rejected because of invalid input(s) given, or because the task does not exist.
  • ABANDONED : The job has been cancelled.
  • FAILED : The job has failed while executing on a worker.