Job detail

The job detail view displays information about the job execution displayed as a chart, a log console, an input and output panel and finally a raw values data-grid.

Execution chart

This panel displays two charts about the job execution :

  • The KPIs chart is a line graph that renders all the KPIs sent by a worker during job execution. Each chart can be hidden by clicking the corresponding label. Some KPIs may be displayed stacked, if a coefficient has been sent along with the KPI.

  • The progress chart displays different progress metrics that give an idea of the remaining time before the job completion.

Log console

The job execution console displays the logs that were written by the worker during the job execution.

The following options are available :

  • Download the zipped content :
  • Download the raw content :
  • Copy the content to clipboard :

The checkbox “Bottom” let the user follow the bottom of the console during the execution.

Inputs and outputs

Below is a screenshot of the Job inputs / Job outputs sections of the job detail view.

The user can download the input and output files in this panel. There is one grouped button per input/output. Each button shows the name of the corresponding task input.

If the input/output has been provided for this job, the button is enabled, with two possible actions: downloading the file as it was uploaded, or zipped. The file type is set as declared by the task. The download button is disabled if the file is not available. Output files are not available until the job is completed.

All the inputs/outputs can be downloaded at once in a single zip file by clicking on the “all” button on the right.

Raw values

The raw values data grid renders all the events information about the job execution : status, progress, messages, logs, kpi value.

Like in the Job list view, the data grid is sortable, filterable and pageable.

As a huge number of events could be generated by a job, this raw value grid a collapsed by default. Data are loaded on expand; that loading process may take a while.