Job creation form

The job creation form page allows the user to create jobs from task definitions, and send them to the Master. The screenshot below shows an example of job creation form.

The Task selector allows to choose, among the tasks exposed by the available workers, the one to create a job from. The chosen task description is displayed below the selector. This is a required field to create a job.

The Timeout before abandon numeric input, below the task selector, allows to specify the delay (in seconds) after which a job is abandoned, if not already started on a worker. This parameter is not mandatory. If not specified, the job will never be abandoned.

The Job Description field is a free text input that allows to describe the job to be created.

Then, job inputs could be given, depending of the possible inputs declared by the task. The inputs are specific to the kind of task and defined by the worker itself.

For each input, the input name (given by the task definition) is displayed first, followed by a red asterisk if the input is mandatory. If the asterisk is not displayed, then the input is optional and can be omitted.

For each field, the user can either:

  • Manually enter data in the textarea field :


  • Attach a file in the data file zone :

Below each input data, the input description (as defined in the task) is displayed, followed by the required type.

The input file should be either in the format described by the task input type, or in a zip file (with the .zip extension), containing this format.

Below each input name, there is a is zipped? checkbox, disabled by default. When uploading a file ending with the zip extension, the checkbox is automatically checked. If the job is submitted with isZipped true, the input is considered zipped and sent as is to the master. Then it will be automatically unzipped by the worker, then given un-zipped to the execute method of the task.

When a job is successfully submitted, an alert message is displayed, with a link to the job detail :