Flow detail

This view is accessible from the job detail view of a job that is part of the flow. It allows to follow the execution of the jobs composing the flow. A screenshot of the view is shown below, and the components are described individually.

Job flow execution chart

The flow execution chart gives a visualization of the topology of the graph. The ID of the flow is displayed on the top left. Each vertex represents a job, colored depending on its execution status (green for completed successfully, red for completed with errors, yellow for running, and grey for submitted). The tool tip of a vertex shows the corresponding job ID and task ID. Clicking on a vertex selects the corresponding job in this chart, as well as in the other components described below, which allows to get details on its execution.

Jobs list

A table shows the jobs that are part of the flow. The columns displayed by default are: Job ID, description, Task ID and job status; but the displayed columns can be customized by clicking on the small button on the bottom left of the table. The table is paginated: when there are too many jobs, only the first ones are shown on the first page of the table. The table is filterable. When a job is selected in the table, the related logs are displayed in the component described below.

Selected job logs

In this component, one can see information related to the selected job (either in the graph, or in the table). In particular, the logs of the jobs are shown, and refreshed in real time. A button on the top right allows to go to the detail view of the selected job.